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Car Service Guides; Your Auto Battery And ...

by: Claude Whitacre

Here are facts and recommendations on keeping your car's battery functional and prepared to start your vehicle. This can be even worse if you plan to maneuver in freezing traveling conditions. At the time the vehicle motor just isn't running, except you happen to be listening to the radio, cd player, or have your lights on, the car battery is supplying all the electricity. Your car, truck, ....Read More >

How Brakes Work

by: April Andy

Inertia or momentum, as described by Newton’s Law of Motion, is the tendency of an object to remain in its current state and resist change. It is measured by an object’s mass when stationary, its mass and velocity when in motion. How do these laws of physics relate to the average commuter? It’s simple. Engineers use algebraic formulas relating to the Law of Motion to design braking systems that will arrest the forward momentum of .... .Read More >

Change The Way You Drive...

by: David Friedman

The transmission is a critical component of overall vehicle operation and without it you would not be able to drive your car. A transmission allows you to move your vehicle forwards and backwards at different speeds. For car owners, transmission failure can be a complete nightmare, costing thousands of dollars to fix or replace. Read More >

What Are the Different Types...

by: Sami Salahat

Air filters are an important part of a car’s engine and directly affect its performance on the road. The purified air enters the engine together with the fuel. Air filters should be kept clean and you should replace them after certain mileage. They are mostly made from woven fabric and fiber so it is easy to remove the dirt and other particles from them... Read More >

The Main Parts and Functions of...

by: Sami Salahat

The air that a car’s engine sucks while running makes a huge impact on its performance. The positivity or the negativity of the impact depends on the quality of the air fed to the engine. Cold air intakes offer more efficiency as the air they send to the engine is denser and molecules of oxygen are tightly bound with each other and result in improved performance of the engine. Read More >

Preparation Regarding For...

by: Robert Polton

Car restoration involves fixing up your old car and getting it back on road once more. The restoration process isn't a hobby since it entails a lot of work. If you have a classic car that you might have just purchased.... Read More >

Oil Changes Add More...

by:Price Hunter

Learn To Be More Frugal. Stop wasting money ! Find out how to save on car maintenance. A budget is the best tool to help you get your finances under control. It allows you to see what is coming in and what is going out. This in turn allows you to think critically about what things are needful and... Read More >

Tire Safety Concerns...

by: Excel Auto

Are you driving your vehicle in one of the most dangerous of conditions, poorly performing tires that are past their life-span? If you have to inflate the tire on a regular basis, or find yourself worried in the least about the health of any of your tires, then it is well worth your time to have... Read More >